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Nationwide Gospel Singing Contest Kicks Off Auditions in Dallas

DALLAS, TX (KCBI News) -- The opportunity to launch new ministries and further gospel music continues. Casting directors and producers from the hit TV show, Sunday Best, are kicking off auditions for its 5th season in Dallas at The Potter's House church. 

"Sunday Best is BET's version of American Idol, The Voice...but it's a gospel-driven and -based show," says casting director Neily Dickerson. "So the thing that's different is that it's inspirational and we sing gospel songs which talk about the Lord." 

SundayBest.jpgDickerson also sees the show as a way to keep the excitement in gospel music, and let young aspiring artists know that the genre is relevant and fresh. She says seeing the transformation in people's lives has had a huge impact on her personally.

"I used to work in mainstream music," Dickerson explains, "and when I decided to work at a gospel label..., I told the Lord that I wanted it to be just as impactful for gospel as it was for mainstream."

Ultimately, Dickerson says it's great that BET would offer Sunday Best not just as a singing competition but also as a platform for people to expand their ministry and, consequently, expanding the Kingdom of God. She commends those who are courageous enough to audition for the show.

"To come there, stand in line and to go through that process really means to me that you really feel that God has called you to something. The hope is that you're going to give 100% of who you are. If you give 100% and in that day you don't connect with the judges panel, it's okay."

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