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Partner with food banks all over Texas

We’re one full year into the COVID-19 Pandemic.  While things have been slowly improving, many families continue to struggle across DFW due to job loss.  Again this summer, we’ll partner with local ministries to help make sure food pantries are well stocked to serve this unusual need.

Put Bibles in the hands of inmates

We were thrilled to be able to send tens of thousands of Bibles to inmates in Texas prisons last year.  This effort continues this year, and we’re also planning to put God’s Word in the hands of victims of Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking and to families visiting food pantries.

Help save 2,100 yet to be born babies

Each child coming into this world is a gift from God and cared for by Him with an everlasting love.  Your gifts will help save 2,100 precious, yet to be born babies this year by providing free ultrasounds for pregnant women right here in DFW, making this effort truly essential!


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April 21, 2021 in Praise Wall

On time prayer

Three weeks ago I was fired. As someone soon to be 60, I questioned God's timing. Later that day I checked my voice mail I found a message from Rebecca of the morning show sharing she prayed for me. God is providing and I re-listen to her reminder as I continue applying for employment. My…
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April 21, 2021 in Praise Wall

Rebecca Prayed for me!

I was fired two weeks ago and feeling pretty low. When I checked my voicemail, I heard Rebecca's voice sharing that she prayed for me. Knowing someone I know from her personality on the radio reminded me that God is faithful and never leaves us alone. Thanks for the morning show and KCBI. Prayers are…
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April 21, 2021 in Praise Wall

Without a heartbeat for 28 minutes
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April 14, 2021 in Praise Wall

Story of Hope

I just want to thank KCBI for your faithfulness to the Lord. I was driving home yesterday and praying about a situation. When I finished I saw I had a message on my phone and it was from KCBI and the young lady left a prayer for me and I was so grateful for that…
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