14 Days of showing your Teens/Kids Love Leading up to Valentine’s Day!

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Starting February 1st Put A Heart on your Kid’s Door to Tell Them All The Things That You Appreciate and Love About Them!
You do so much for your kids on a daily basis it’s easy to assume that your kids know how much you love them.

Without intending to, we can treat our kids more like “fixer upper” projects than the unique, one of a kind, amazing, miraculous beings that they are (even if they are snarky, sassy and sloppy these days!).

What we focus on grows. Focus on the positive, build them up and you will find that just like watering a flower it grows. We want to plant seeds in our kids lives that bring life.

So this month and leading up to Valentine’s Day, we are going to provide you with ideas, inspiration and tips that can help you to connect with your tween and teen’s heart.

We challenge you to cut out 14 hearts and write an affirmation or message of love on each heart.
Every morning from February 1st to February 14th stick one of those hearts somewhere your child is sure to see it.
Let’s remind our kids and ourselves how much they mean to us!

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