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3 Cool Things You Should Do On A Wednesday To Help Maximize Efficiency

By May 12, 2021 No Comments

In honor of it being hump day, here are 3 things you should start doing on Wednesdays to help maximize your weekly efficiency!

  1. Take off work on Wednesday if you can. Research has proven that stores are less crowded on Wednesdays so you can get all those to-do list items checked of list before the weekend. Or if you just need a midweek refresher, taking off on a Wednesday will allow you to recharge and finish your work week strong!
  2. Get your grocery shopping done. As said above, stores tend to be less crowded in the middle of the week and you won’t be fighting with the last minute crowd that you’d otherwise see on weekends.
  3. Weigh-In Wednesday. Wednesday is the best day (and most accurate day) of the week to weigh yourself because by Friday, you’ve had an entire week of routine and you’ll be your lowest and come Monday, the scale might be a little high after an indulgent weekend.