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3 Lies We Constantly Fall For And How To Stop Today

By April 5, 2021 No Comments

There are 3 universal lies that we are constantly falling for over and over…and over again. Some people will say the result of these lies are the enemy, some will say it’s our inner critic, either way this is that voice that feeds us lies. Specifically, these 3 lies:

  1. I must do things perfectly
  2. I must know the answer
  3. I must always love well

Not that any of these 3 things are bad, but “perfectly, always, must”? We have to slow things down and push back on that. If this is the enemy trying to deceive us into feeling like we have to perform, and the enemy has that track record, then we have to ask the question, “Are you suggesting that I have to be all knowing, unconditionally loving, always there for others and perfect?”

Who else does that sound like? God himself. We may not be perfect but we sure know someone who is and he’s our strength.