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3 Solutions To Pandemic Brain Fog

By March 19, 2021 No Comments

Pandemic Brain Fog is a real thing and comes along with symptoms like inability to focus and feeling of apathy. Sound familiar? Well if it does, we have solutions for you to try and help kick that foggy feeling!

-If you’re feeling isolated, find some ways to get more social within your level of comfortability. Community and interaction is so key to our mental and spiritual health so it totally makes sense as to how having meaningful conversation would help boost your mood. Be proactive. Make that call, send that text. Your friends want to hear from you.

-Challenge your brain with puzzles and reading. We know it’s so easy to binge watch TV to help decompress, but let’s binge a book instead!

Listen To More Music. It’s the doctor’s orders and we know a pretty great radio station to help supply that ear medicine!