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3 Tips to Immediately Boost Your Skills In The Kitchen

By December 14, 2020 No Comments

One of the things I’ve learned since becoming a homeowner is when we have company over, I get intimidated being in the kitchen. Maybe you’re with me in this struggle. If you’re feeling the heat but don’t have a choice of staying out of the kitchen, here are 3 tips I found from a line of tweets that went viral from chefs of their favorite kitchen hacks to help you impress your guests.

1. If you’re working off of a recipe that you found online or in a cookbook, doubleĀ the spices. Yes, double them! I tried this one out on a baking recipe and oh. my. goodness. It made all the difference in the flavor!

2. This one is for all you garlic lovers like me. When you add the garlic makes a bigger difference than how much you actually put in. If you looking for just a hint of garlic, add it towards the beginning. But if you know you’ve got a garlic lover and you really want to pack a punch, go ahead and add it in the end, that flavor will really pop.

3. Before serving the meal, pop your plates in the microwave or the oven for a fresh, hot plate. A hot plate always adds a nice touch when serving up a meal!