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3 Tips To Make Your Workspace More Productive!

Whether you’re working from home, or in an office, the environment could be killing your productivity. Here’s how to get your workspace to work for you!

  • Turn Up The Lights.  Psychologist Dr. Paul Hokemeyer says our body clock is mostly controlled by sunlight exposure. It’s why we tend to have a burst of energy in the morning. So just turn on an extra desk lamp, or walk outside. That tricks your body into thinking there’s another sunrise coming, so we feel more energized.


  • Bring In Some Fresh Air. Breathing stale indoor air causes a significant drop in brain function! So, try using a portable desk-sized air purifier. Or add some plants to your workspace, to absorb and filter air pollutants. Research shows those simple moves are proven to boost cognitive performance by 26%!


  • Set Your Thermostat. A CareerBuilder survey found when air is “too hot” or “too cold,” workers make significantly more errors, and are less productive. So, what’s the ideal working temperature? A study found we make the fewest errors – and are most productive – when the thermostat is set to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.