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3 Ways That Parents Can Help Their Kids Adjust To This New “Normal”

By April 27, 2020 No Comments

As parents, we often try to shield our children from any dangerous or daunting situation that comes our way, and for the most part, we’re successful at it. But in light of the global pandemic, there is only so much we can do and now this is starting to affect our kids. In light of children looking for structure and peace during this time, YouVersion put together a list of 3 ways we can help our kids adjust to this new “normal”.

  1. Ask your kids what they’re thinking about. Then listen. Even if they say difficult or troubling things, try not to show alarm on your face. Your kids need a safe space to talk, and the opportunity to fully express their thoughts and feelings in their own words.
  2. Be the example you want to see in your house. Take care of yourself spiritually during this time, so that you’ll be able to give your kids the emotional support they need.
  3. Pray with your kids, on a schedule. Praying is just having a conversation with God, telling Him what you’re thinking and feeling, asking for things you need, and thanking Him (even for small victories). You can pray anytime, but doing it together in the morning, at mealtimes, and at bedtimes is an easy way to build some routine into each day. Here’s a simple example:“Dear Jesus, thank You for our family. Help us to love each other, take care of each other, and be kind. Please show us how we can love our neighbors and our friends. Thank You. Amen.”
  4. BONUS: Clearly define your days. If your kids have been used to a weekly schedule—with you at work and them at school or daycare—the days may start blurring together when everyone’s home. Giving each day of the week its own theme can help you build a rhythm, a sense of structure. Here are a few examples:Taco Tuesday – Don’t have taco ingredients? Make sandwiches, taco-style, folded in half.Wacky Wednesday – Wear socks that don’t match. Type “recipe” into Google, with a list of whatever random ingredients you have, and make that together.Funny Friday – Play together. Be silly. Make jokes. Watch a funny movie or TV show. Make Friday night Family Game Night.

    Special Sunday – Worship God together. Find a church service online. (Many churches are putting their children’s programming online right now.) Watch a video on together and talk about it.

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