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3 Ways To Balance Working From Home With Kids

By October 20, 2020 No Comments

Parents with kids are in the middle of the juggling act. Some have kids at school, some have kids doing virtual school from home, some have a hybrid of both. On top of it, parents still need to get work done and for some, that still looks like doing it from home. It’s certainly a big transition to make and many of us may not feel equipped. While there is no perfect or easy solution for all, here are 3 tips from on how to balance caring for your kids during this time meanwhile maintaining productivity at work.

1. Over-communicate and set expectations. Work with your manager to set and reset expectations throughout your work from home period as it pertains to your goals and commitments. Many employers are understanding of the difficulty of the situation and may be supportive of your need to adjust your schedule or goals as a result. Also, make sure to have those conversations with your family by communicating honestly your challenges with your schedule.

2. Practice time management and set a schedule. Block off time as needed for caregiving activities, knowing that not all planned time works out with the unpredictability of little ones. As a parent, it’s important to preserve times throughout the day when you need to be…well, a parent. It can also help both you and your kids to come up with a basic (and flexible) schedule, perhaps one that mimics a regular school day to maintain consistency. Their schools may even provide an online curriculum. Even try color-coding things to give times a clear differentiation and it makes your schedule look more lively!

3. Set boundaries with both work and your kids. This all boils down to expectations.
-For your work, Communicate your availability including when you’ll be shutting down for the day, when you’re taking time off and when you need to be away from your computer throughout the week.
-For your children, Communicate your daily family schedule explaining when you will be present and when you will be unavailable or “at work.

We know how tough this juggling act can be and things are easier said than done, but we hope these tips can be helpful to you in the days ahead!

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