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3 Ways To Survive Being A Single Mom

By April 16, 2021 No Comments

We’re by no means experts, we’re just you friends here at 90.0 KCBI. But thanks to our friends at Focus On The Family, here are 3 tips to surviving being a single mom or single dad.

1. Refuse To Give In to Comparisons.
Comparisons can be toxic. First, they’re usually shortsighted and incorrect. You never see the whole story. You don’t know what other people may be dealing with. Anyway, we’re each unique. None of us is alike, so why are we constantly comparing ourselves to one another?

When we make comparisons, we begin to have expectations. And often, those expectations are unreasonable. Just as a low-income family can’t expect to have a house and car as nice as those of their more well-to-do neighbors, you can’t expect to produce the same energy and creativity around the house as your married, stay-at-home friend next door. That’s just not realistic. The best advice is to use your mental and physical energy in determining how to make the most of your situation, not focusing on comparisons or expending all your efforts trying to match someone else’s standard of living.

A friend of mine often says, “Things wouldn’t be so hard if we didn’t expect them to be so easy.” Things won’t be so difficult for you as a single mom if you don’t expect them to be easy. Refuse to make the comparisons. Refuse to buy into the expectations of keeping up with someone else, of having everything they have. The truth is, you won’t be able to do everything. You may not have all you want or once had. But that’s okay. Our lives are not measured in our abundance of things.

2. Never Give Up
When you give up, you quit fighting. When you quit fighting, you lose. Never give up because only by hanging on will you win.

Determination is necessary to overcome any obstacle, any challenge, any handicap. Whenever something doesn’t work out, you have to try again. Maybe from a different angle, perhaps in a different way, but you have to keep trying. Set a goal, have a plan, and never give up.

3. Nurture Your Soul
All of us need a resource outside ourselves. And everyone needs to go to that source for nourishment and refreshment. Nurture your soul. Refresh it. Don’t neglect the needs of your innermost being.

For our family, our source has been God Himself.

We love our single parents and know we’re praying for each and everyone one of you and you lead your family.