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4 Gifts That God Gives Us When We Ask For Them

It’s easy to forget sometimes that we have a God that gives us His spirit when we accept what He has done for us. Because of what He’s blessed us with, we can be assured that the Holy Spirit is here to empower, enlighten, and instruct us on how we can live out our faith in the everyday world. With that being said, here are some gifts that God gives us merely if we just ask for them. (James 4:2-3)

1. The Gift Of Knowledge

With the gift of knowledge, we come to know the true value of creation in relation to the Creator. This is important for all those times when we are surrounded by beauty, but we don’t think of anything except ourselves. The challenge is being able to experience marvel, to be able to be surprised by the amazing nature that surrounds us, and invites us to step outside of our egotistical world. In doing so, we are able to discover God in His creation, and in it, His everlasting love for us.

2. The Gift Of Wisdom

The gift of wisdom refers to the special capacity of judging human things according to God, under the light of God. Illuminated by this gift, we are able to peer deeper within the realities that surround us. We are able to discover things in themselves, not just what we would like them to be for us.

3. The Gift Of Piety

Piety heals our heart of all types of hardness and allows it to be tender in relation to God and to our brothers and sisters. Many times I thought that being pious meant praying like the ladies that I saw praying in the church as a young girl. But, in so far as a gift of the Holy Spirit, it implies that we put ourselves in the shoes of another, to feel like he or she does. Here, we must ask, how can I feel what God himself feels? Well, by trying to love him! And how can you love him more? By loving others in the little things: by sharing a word of encouragement, by stepping outside of your comfort zone to help another, by no longer looking to prove that you are always right and the other wrong, etc. This is the path of love through which piety guides us.

4. The Gift Of The Fear Of The Lord

Fear of the Lord doesn’t mean being afraid of God because he is some sort of avenger that is looking to punish. It means having a mature spirit that is aware of our guilt and of the weight of our sins; still, it also means trusting in His Mercy. When we were small, we never wanted our parents to be angry with us, not so much out of fear, but because we were sad and felt sorry when we let them down or made them suffer. Fear of God implies that in our lives we give what is due to God, that He occupies the place of God.

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