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4 Tips On How To Make Zoom Meetings More Bearable

By February 10, 2021 No Comments

We’re stuck with Zoom meetings for the foreseeable future so we dug up some tips on how to make them more bearable.

Zoom (or video conferencing in general) has become a permanent fixture in our lives and if were being dragged into video meetings, might as well do it with a little etiquette. Experts have come up with 4 housekeeping tips that will make your Zoom experience better for everyone involved.

1. Be on time. This one is pretty obvious and a tech columnist for the Wall Street Journal said that some bigger businesses are putting some pretty strict rules on their video calls like denying access to anyone who is more than 5 minutes late!

2. Always Activate Your Camera. Whether it was a bad hair day or your secretly getting other stuff done around the house, we’ve all been guilty of having our camera off. But your co-workers and bosses will take you more seriously if they can see your face.

3. Don’t Pick Up Your Device And Move Around. It’s downright distracting.

4. If You Have A Question, Ask It. Even If It Means You Accidentally Interrupt Someone. Generally speaking, interrupting people in person is rude but on Zoom meetings, you kind of have to, to get people’s attention.