Praise Wall

4/3 morning show comments

My nephew OD on Friday morning 3/30. His mom came in the room as he was taking one of his last breaths. She called 911, kept him alive until they got there and were able to give Narcan. My nephew lived but this was his third OD on street drugs. He lives in Ohio. In the 70’s my family moved from Ohio to Texas to attend Christ For The Nations. My sister ran away at age 17. She moved back to Ohio eventually to live with family, but refuses to believe in God/His Son/ Salvation/nothing. Back to present, by nephew has blocked me on Facebook, and has had nothing to do with us. I was able to get on his page somehow last night and I sent him a personal message telling him that Hell is real and that Jesus loves him to please call out to Jesus for his help. It was a short message and then turn on the radio and you guys say noone should ever start out with HEll when witnessing. And I thought wow I really messed up then. Please pray for Alex B.