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5 Relationships That Every Christian Needs Now More Than Ever

It’s no secret that the Coronavirus outbreak has done a number on our personal relationships as recent developments have not only required us to stay indoors other than necessities like groceries and medical care but have also put many people at work. Of course, most of us have had to resort to Facetime, Skype, or Zoom calls as we look to engage with our friends and family during this difficult time. Although, it’s important that know that as Christians, there are 5 relationships that we need to be pursuing in our lives, especially during this Coronavirus pandemic.

  1. God: I know this one’s a given, but too often we know God in our head and not in our heart.
  2. A “Paul”: All believers need a mature brother or sister in Christ who mentors them, who guides them in life to walk more and more with Jesus.
  3. A “Barnabus”: A “Barnabas” is a peer, a friend who encourages you to be faithful to God.
  4. A “Timothy”: “Timothy” is a younger believer in whose life you invest yourself (which, of course, makes you a “Paul” to him).
  5. A “Rich Young Ruler”: That is, all of us need an intentional relationship with some non-believer, whether it’s a rich young ruler or a religious Pharisee.

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