Mornings with Rebecca & Burns

5 Simple Steps To Regaining Your Sanity

We’ve been talking about this all week as Rebecca has been highlighting ways that we can simply regain our sanity in a world where chaos surrounds us daily. Here are 5 simple steps that you can take to regain your sanity:

1. Pray For An Unhurried Spirit

We are constantly told to “do do do” or “go go go”, but in reality, the Lord calls us in many ways to be still and wait on Him in certain periods of our lives. Learning the skill of being patient and not rushed with God will give you an element of peace that you’ve never experienced before.

2. Practice The Certainty Of God’s Sovereignty

Life is absolutely unpredictable and regardless of how much we plan or prepare ourselves, we are going to be caught off guard. However, the truth that we can find peace in is knowing that God is on the other side of whatever you’re going through and He is sovereign over EVERY LAST DETAIL. The Lord is not surprised by anything that you encounter in this life.

3. Ruthlessly Guard The Sabbath

This is hard for a lot of people because we’ve been told that we can rest a different time and that we might be called “selfish” if we decide to rest. Although, I’d like to make the point that someone who doesn’t rest or take care of themselves emotionally, physically, or spiritually can fall into that realm as well. It’s vital to realize and guard our sabbath time ruthlessly because it teaches us to have faith that God can do more in 6 days than we can do in 7.

4. Only God Can Be Trusted With Your Worship

Our hearts are deceitful as scripture puts it and there is only one place we can place our heart and know it will be handled well, and that’s God. We often get so caught up in putting so much of ourselves into relationships, experiences, and other things that we make those things an idol in our lives leading us to devastation and exhaustion. Only God is worthy of our worship and He is certainly the only one we can trust to worship.

5. Saturate Yourself In Scripture

This by far will give you the most peace in your life and it’s simply to shower yourself with God’s word each and every day. That looks different for everyone, but if you can make it a point to take God’s word and prioritize it in your life, you will begin to understand the Father like never before and learning about his character and love for you will give you a peace that surpasses all understanding. (Phil 4:7)