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5 Things You Can Be Certain Of In An Uncertain World

The coronavirus has shaken the very foundations of our society as everything we used to see as normal is either closed or suspended until further notice. Not to mention, sports are temporarily canceled, the stock market is all over the place, and restaurants, as well as other businesses, are having to shut their doors to the general public for a shelter-in-place. So even in these uncertain times, here are some things that you can hold onto and know are true.

1. This too shall pass.

Humanity has survived plagues, famines, droughts, and every kind of natural disaster in existence. It easy to believe that the way things are right now is the way they will always be, and nothing could be further from the truth. Think back over your own history and what you’ve endured and overcome. You will get through this, too.

2. Humans have a tremendous capacity to adapt.

In fact, socio-biologists say that humans are the most adaptable species on the planet. Rick Potts says, “The evolution of the brain is the most obvious example of how we evolve to adapt. But in the modern era, we know that in the human genome there are all kinds of interactions that allow human organisms to have plasticity — the capacity to adjust is itself an evolved characteristic.”

3. You, unlike any generation in history, have unlimited information available to you on how to make much out of little.

We are a consumer-driven society, but if you turn back the clock about 150 years you’d see that there is very little we cannot do on our own. We can make our own bread, sow our own surgical masks, make a whole chicken last at least a week, and make our own hand sanitizer. Have you run out of toilet paper and paper towels? Get all of those old t-shirts you don’t wear, cut them up and use them to clean or as washable toilet paper. Ever heard of cloth diapers? We’ve been doing this for a long time.

4. Help is available to you.

One of the reasons that humanity has survived and thrived is because God has wired us for connection and interpersonal relationships. Not only that, but he has also wired us so that we get a dopamine rush when we do something good. There are many churches, restaurants, and charitable organizations working around the clock to give assistance to those in need. Don’t be afraid to ask. Most people are eager to help others.

5. God’s promises are not fair-weather promises.

He has promised to care for his children, and he has promised to work everything for good for those who loved God and are called by him (Ro. 8:28). That hasn’t changed because Walmart is out of toilet paper and Aldi is out eggs. In fact, you are currently positioned to see him work in ways you’ve never seen before because you’re in a season of such need. The promise of Scripture is that this trial will strengthen and perfect you, making you over into the very image of Christ.