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5 Things You Can’t Rush At Church

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Our desire for immediate results from technology bleeds into our expectations of other humans. Instead of seeing them as people created in the image of God, we treat them as cogs in the wheel of progress and production. But God is not a God in a hurry. After creating the world and bringing humanity into existence, He took a day off and rested.

God promised He would make Abram a “great nation” (Genesis 12:1), but Abraham wouldn’t have Isaac for another 25 years. The Israelites wander in the wilderness for 40 years until God brought them into the promised land.

Way back at the fall of Adam and Eve, God promised Eve a descendant who would come and crush the serpent’s head. It was thousands of years later before a Baby was born in a manger who would grow to do just that.

Even now, all of the creation groans, waiting for the return of Christ to set all things right. Not only are God’s ways higher than ours, but His timetable is vastly different from our own.

We cannot rush His purposes, but here are five parts of church life we are frequently tempted to speed up:

1. Conversion: Standing on this side of the cross, we can be anxious to see friends, neighbors, and family members embrace Christ and follow Him as Savior. But that’s not something we can make happen.

2. Discipleship: This is literally a lifelong process. Sanctification begins the moment we are saved and is not complete until the moment we see Christ face-to-face.

3. Relationships: When a pastor begins at a new church or a visitor first joins a congregation, the desire is often to form deep relationships with others there. That should be a goal, but it should not be an immediate expectation.

4. Leadership: Instead of rushing things through, over any and all objections, ask God to help you shepherd the people to the place where they are ready to make the move.

5. Change: When we see new people come to Christ, grow in their faith, form committed relationships with others, and develop into new leaders for the church, change and institutional growth will happen.

This was an excerpt of an article written by Aaron Earls of Facts & Trends and if you’d like to read the full article, you can click here!

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