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5 Tips to Manage Loneliness from an Astronaut

By October 26, 2020 No Comments

    1. Write down your thoughts. “Even though I was doing it for a different reason [in space]—I thought I might want to write a book someday—I also found that it was cathartic to talk about, even if it’s to yourself, how you’re feeling.”
    2. Have a very set schedule. “And schedule not only what would be considered work, but also hobbies.”
    3. Take time to connect with your friends and family. “When I was on the space station, having the ability to connect with people on the ground was the most important thing for me to be able to keep from feeling isolated and lonely.”
    4. Make your weekends different from your weekdays. “[Otherwise,] there’s a tendency to overwork yourself and have the days run into one another.”
    5. Help when other people need it, and accept help when you need it. That’s teamwork. Teamwork is about picking each other up, elevating each other, and helping out when needed.

But I would also like to share that when I experienced the deepest loneliness of my life, I found a new depth of intimacy with the Lord. Living overseas not speaking the language to chat with anyone, missing milestone celebrations with my family, feeling misunderstood and unseen by those around me…I wouldn’t trade any of it! Because of how God used that season to grow and mature me. To know – in my gut- that God was all I needed. To know that God will not leave me. To learn to appreciate and like being with me- who God created. That season-however hard- prepared me and still blesses me to this day! – ❤️ Lauree