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5 Ways to Love our Friends without Their Mom This Mother’s Day

By May 7, 2019 No Comments

Mother’s Day is a beautiful holiday, but for many others, it’s a day full of heartache. For those who lost their moms, estranged from their moms, it can be a day that’s filled with tears, longing, and awkward conversations.

Do the dirty work for them. – explain their circumstances with their permission so that they don’t have to struggle through the explanation of why they are emotional.


Have an out. I’ve needed to “go on a walk” on almost every major holiday since my mom passed away just to get some air and be alone, and having people around me who understand this is crucial.


Offer to talk. If you can’t be with your loved one all day, send a text. Whether that’s a “thinking of you” or “call me whenever you need me,” both can be lifesavers to people who tend to isolate themselves.

Let them cry. It may be uncomfortable for you to witness, but crying is part of grief.

Do something extra. Whether you get someone a bouquet of flowers, send them a funny meme, or even give them a slice of leftover pie or cake, just do something to remind them that they aren’t alone and you’ve got their back.