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5 Ways You’re Guaranteed To Stand Out At Work

By January 25, 2019 No Comments

Ever wish you could tell what your boss is thinking? Join the club. That’s why we got real employers to spill what really matters—and what could get you the raise you’ve been wanting.

When You Take Ownership

From stepping up and taking the lead to accepting the faceplant when things go wrong, taking ownership is vital to bosses.

When You Ask “Why” 

Managers are often at the helm of the company’s pivots, making them keenly aware of the why, when, how, and where of the success metrics. But when bosses relay this information to their teams, sometimes the justification for new goals, timelines, or projects doesn’t get communicated effectively.

When You Admit You Don’t Know Something 

Putting on a fake smile and nodding along to a task you don’t fully understand might feel like the best move at the moment, but bosses are actually more appreciative—and could respect you more—when you ask for help.

When You Are Personally Driven 

While a boss will usually set monthly or quarterly goals for you, what matters more than crunching numbers and working hard with your head down is your personal, intrinsic drive to be better.

How You Spend Your Breaks

While you might think your boss wants to see you typing away and eating small bites of a half-baked lunch, they might actually prefer you take the hour to breathe, recharge, and come back ready to work through the afternoon’s tasks.

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