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60 Seconds In The Word With Rebecca Carrell: John 11:35

By February 26, 2020 No Comments

If you ask anyone with the shortest Bible verse in the Bible is, they will probably tell you John 11:35, which of course is, “Jesus wept.” I want you to think about this in those two little words because there is a great deal of good theology and good truth in this tiny verse. Think less about what that verse says and more about what it implies. Jesus wept because Lazarus had died. When Mary & Martha were mourning, he didn’t offer them an Old Testament scripture or say, ‘cheer up.’

If you’re familiar with the story, Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead later on but even though He knew exactly what He was about to do, he still entered into Mary & Martha’s pain. He sat in it for a spell even though He knew that Lazarus wouldn’t be dead for long. What a great model for us!

Don’t place platitudes on pain, enter it, sit with it, and weep with it. It just reminds me that the Creator of the Universe, the one that created those billions of galaxies and stars out there cares enough to weep because He loves you. He desires that relationship and closeness with you.

I’ve heard people say,  “my grandmother gave me 50 cents every time I memorized the bible verse, so I memorized ‘Jesus wept’ and usually we laugh about that. But goodness, there’s so much packed into the notion that even though he knew what he was about to do, He deliberately entered into their grief and experienced it.