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A 6-Point Conversion

By February 2, 2019 No Comments

Early the morning of October 11, on my way to our new home building site, I hit a deer! I survived unscathed, my Nissan barely, but sorry to say the 6-point did not. After getting towed to the auto dealer shop, work commenced on getting the insurance company and the repair shop to agree on the extent of the damage. Correct parts were ordered which resulted in multiple back orders and various other delays. Forty–yes, Forty days later my vehicle was “brand” new. So what’s my story of hope you might be thinking. Well for those 40 days I had a loaner-car, this loaner did not have Sirius Radio…so I converted….converted back to KCBI! Hope-filled: 40+ days of listening to powerful, encouraging, joy-filled messages, stories and songs! Hope-Full: Being led in prayer for healing for our country, and for struggling friends here and around the world. Hope-Abounds: With laughter at the zany stories shared. And Hope-Resides as one realizes that God is Good all the time. Thank you Jesus for KCBI