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A Blessing In The Form Of Changed Perspective

By March 1, 2022 No Comments

After 2 full months of long distance living, my wife and I are finally all moved in to our home in Dallas!!

Lesson learned: always get a truck that’s too big rather than too small. If not, you might have to sell and giveaway a bunch of your stuff that just wouldn’t fit. But in middle of having to say goodbye to some of our belongings, there actually ended up being a few blessings, like Amber.

Amber bought our bedroom set of a dresser, nightstand, and queen mattress, frame and headboard for under $150 and we used the moving truck to deliver it to her house (talk about a deal!). Once we were there, Amber wanted to show off the home she would be moving into, and honestly it looked as if no one had lived there in years. I started to feel bad for her, but from room to room Amber showed off her house with joy and finally turned, looked at us with the biggest smile and said, “and it’s all mine!” Suddenly my wife and I looked at each other and just smiled because in that moment, we could see the beauty in Amber’s home too. It’s funny what happens when you get a different perspective.