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A Breakthrough 40 Years In The Making

By September 6, 2022 No Comments

Depression is a very real thing for those right here in our KCBI community, maybe it’s your reality. I have a friend, Julie, who has battled depression for close to 40 years and she shared something recently that I wanted you to read.

“My “journey” official started around 1983- with a declaration of being a sinner, saved only by Jesus Christ. Being human, and a sinner, my journey can only be explained as a rocky road. I have identified as a “depressed person ” for as long as I can remember (probably close to 40 years). I remember days thinking “I am Depression.”

But on my birthday this year, my heart had finally had enough. I reached out for help. God has been building an amazing circle around me and my family all these years. I now identify as… JULIE! A daughter, a sister, a mother of 4, a grandmother, an aunt, a neice, a cousin, a friend. Depression is something I deal with but it’s not who I am. I am reading, journaling, listening daily. My life is so different.

I never doubted my salvation but I never felt His JOY. The JOY of sharing him. The JOY of loving the unlovable. The JOY of music. The JOY of His word. I have so many questions and I love finding the answers. I’m healing relationships but I have lost a few, but I will continue to pray for them. I only wish my Momma could have witnessed the transformation that only God could do in His timing. Momma lives with Jesus now.”