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A Girl Growing into her Womanhood of Greatness

July 2, 2016

Long story short: I’ve shared many life obstacles, yet the one that made me commit to change was the passing of my mother during my 2011 senior year. My life change drastically & I didn’t know how that would affect my future. Relocated to Lousiaian, more trials; left for Texas, and faced more trials. Somehow I prevailed through my undergrad years at Texas A&M Commerce. Accomplishing, learning, & achieving skills that I only imagine to possess once upon a time. Now that I have graduated, some things are baffling. Surrounded & emcompanied by greatness; it’s simply his favor bringing me closer. Attacked constantly on a daily: recently someone wrecked my brand new car while on a graduation trip; establishing myself independently with no finical help or understanding, love life is confusing because a friendship has grew into more, & simple distractions take place. My goal this week was to complete Gensis..completed. And I’m realizing, I want God to be my beginning/end; my ultimate greatest.