Praise Wall


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I am thrilled to tell you that KCBI has been a constant friend and companion from the very first day that they broadcast to the Dallas-Ft Worth audience many, many years ago….. as I drove back and forth each day to work….and in my work cubicle while at work, I listened and shared 90.9 FM with co-workers…, I, learned so much from all the best of teachers….I sang along with all the oldies, chimed in to learn the new songs too. I listened in at home and shared the sound waves with my family…I gave to the Sharathon that I could and then when I retired I came to KCBI and worked each Sharathon until all the donations were accounted for… thru the other retirement years but with other temporary jobs and while at work, I still listened and learned and prayed with others and shared what I had learned and sang some more…now, some 35 or 40 years later, I still listen and love and pray for others some more/and will until the day The Lord calls me home or comes to take us to Heaven.