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A Little Eaglet named Johanna ( Jonah’s sister)

March 19, 2016

My car engine light is flashing, my back has been aching so I have been missing work, my boss has gotten difficult to work with, my performance rating has gone down at work, I got a written counseling at work due to my abscenses, my savings account has a zero balance, my roof sprung a leak due to the recent rains, my garbage disposal stopped working so I can only use half of my sink and to top things off my dog has a case of the fleas!!! MY LIFE IS GREAT!!! God is shaking up my life and I am soooo thankful. You see I had sunk into a hole called contentment with my present circumstances. I know that God has GREAT things for my life but I have been content to just be a worker bee…meaning go to work, pay my bills and be close enough to God to be mediocore happy, well God looked down from his throne and said enough is enough! I am going to make your little nest thorny similar to what mother eagles due to their eaglets in order to get them to fly. THANK YOU LORD!!