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A Plant Could Help Calm Anxiety! Do We Dare Try It?

By January 3, 2020 No Comments

Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks seem to be common experiences for ourselves and our friends. I’ve discovered that my friends and I typically want to find natural treatments first that don’t require co-pays or strong drugs.  Probably why I was interested to find out that the Jasmine plant is not just something pretty to look at but the scent of Jasmine has some pretty dramatic results for those of us who struggle with anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

“This scent has the power to improve your mood. It helps you deal sleep disorders and improves the quality of your sleep as reported by a recent study conducted by a group of German experts.”

So while it may not be the cure-all that works for everyone, the risk is low to find out if it works for you. Find a Jasmine plant and keep it in your bedroom and see if it has the healing effect that the research shows.

I will confess that the very thought that I would need to keep a plant alive to receive the healing properties … increases my anxiety. I can’t keep ANY.THING. alive.  So I may also need to do a side experiment if there are healing properties of fake Jasmine plants – is that what they call the placebo?