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A Prayer for Deliverance and Strength

March 9, 2016

I am a re-born Christian, as i had strayed away from God the devil seems to think he can taunt my children and my self. As I had no understanding on what was going on, being naive to not listening to my child of what he was seeing. I have contacted so many Pastors & Priest’s, but non believe; they’ve all tried to justify it. I even had a pastor tell me my son needs a therapist. I don’t understand why has it been so hard for anyone to pray for us but to actually sincerely pray? Another said; “Convince your children nothing is there and if that doesn’t work then we can meet in my office, ( I pray for you) “. How can one pray for us if they don’t Believe what is going on? I don’t understand, if the bible teaches us that demons are real why won’t No one help us? In the name of Jesus Christ pray for us, as i need strength and to guide me to show me his grace. Thank you!