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A Prayer For The Parents Who Are Experiencing Pandemic Fatigue

By January 28, 2021 No Comments

No one is going to judge you for your answer to this question, but do you think this pandemic has made you lazy? More specifically, has this pandemic made you a lazy parent?

I know this a bit of an sensitive question for me to ask as someone who hasn’t yet been blessed yet to be a parent myself, but I have to say watching the parents around me adjust and be flexible to fit this new normal, I have to say that I think you’re a hero. The ways you’ve had to adapt and the thingĀ you’ve had to address with you kids, that is a hard job. I have so much respect for you.

But maybe you’re the person who read my question and internally nodded your head. Maybe you feel like this pandemic has gotten the best as of you and all you want to do is put it on auto-pilot and check out into a world that isn’t dominated by social distancing and a dumpster fire of a political climate. If that’s you and you just need a life line today, would you allow me to pray for you?

Father God, I am asking that you would remind my friend right now, in their exhaustion and their anxiety, to come to you. That they would fall at your feet, God. That they would bring their weary mind, their exhausted heart, and their empty tank straight to you. The temptation to be able to power through on their own or the fear that fills their mind of what others will think if they just knew the thought that race through their head, God, would you just remove that? I pray that they would come to you to find rest for their weary souls. And I pray that my friend would have a refreshed vision of what you would have in store for them during this season. We have no idea how long this way of life will last but you do. God, you know them. You their children and their needs so would you give them direction where to focus during this time so the next time those hard moments arise, you’ve given them the way forward and you’ve given them that next step to take in faith. God, we thank you for them and for knowing exactly where they are.

In your name we pray,