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A Present Day Miracle Told By A Friend

By June 2, 2022 No Comments

All of us probably have that person you know that constantly has their social media boxing gloves on just ready for an argument. One of my friends fits that bill, but he shared something that hit differently this morning. He posted:

“My son and his friends were caught in an undertow at the beach this weekend, his friend could not swim at all so Eric took it upon himself to try to save this kid’s life, he told me “Dad, I never knew how hard it is for these lifeguards or anyone to saveĀ someone that can’t swim, I had him trying to pull him by his shoulders and neck and he fought me and then he was pushing me underwater to try to get above and he was forcing me down and then I couldn’t breathe” he then said out of nowhere they were both lifted out of the water, and when he looked up there was no one there. The lifeguards were in a boat and they were still 25 to 30 ft. away to come rescue them….” he added, “You can be atheist, you can have no faith but my faith will always be my guide as I do believe in angels and our Lord!”