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A Question That Has The Power To Change How You Talk To Yourself

By January 14, 2021 No Comments

Imagine for a moment that you get together with a friend, you choose a cafe to grab a cup of coffee, and as soon as you slide into the booth opposite your friend you begin,

“Wow, how long has it been since you’ve got a haircut?”

“Those pants are looking a bit tight, are you sure you want to eat that muffin you just ordered?”

“Gosh! You look tired, is your marriage hard? What are you doing about it?”

If I was that friend sitting across from you, I would feel the tears of pain, shame, embarrassment and betrayal fall down my face. But I wouldn’t stay there for long and listen to more. I would get up and away from that barrage of hurt.

I don’t think that my reaction would be unique, we can sit here to day and say, “No I would never do that to my friend!” And that is probably true. So here is the question…

Why do we have that dialogue with ourselves?! Why do our words hit so hard and deep with ourselves? It might not be a booth but when we look in the mirror getting ready in the morning, the cruel dialogue begins.

What if we could change that?