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A sign from God

December 23, 2016

My dad passed away last Saturday at his home. He was 89 years old and fought cancer for several years. On hospice at his home with mom and myself at his side, he took his last breath at 6:20 am. Mom and dad were married 66 years so mom was crushed but also relieved to know her life partner was no longer in pain. Shortly after his passing, I called the hospice nurse and the funeral home to come take care of dad. After both had arrived, the nurse sat at the dinning area table filling out paperwork while the men from the funeral home placed my fathers body on a gurney to wheel him out to the waiting funeral van. As my fathers body was being taken out the front door, the radio alarm clock in his room went off. The radio was tuned to your station and because dad was hard of hearing, the volume up high. The song on the radio, we think, was “Home” by Chris Tomlin. Even our hospice nurse was crying as she told us she had never had such a clear sign of where dad was after he died.