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A TV Program Worth Checking Out

By May 18, 2021 No Comments

Watch PBS’s “American Experience: Billy Graham” Here

These days, there’s not always something we’d recommend you watch on TV, but I think we found something that will absolutely be down your alley if your a fan of Billy Graham.

The PBS series “American Experience” turns the spotlight on the American historical figures and in this episode, they’re delving into the life of Billy Graham.

The documentary, directed by Sarah Colt, explores how a young man who grew up on a North Carolina farm rose to become, in the words of Time magazine, “America’s preacher.” A mesmerizing speaker of great personal magnetism and charisma, Graham caught the nation’s attention and earned its respect in ways that crossed sectarian and social boundaries. As an intimate of presidents and other leaders and a public figure of acknowledged moral authority, he attracted thousands to evangelistic campaigns he called “crusades.” Often hailed as the most influential Christian preacher in American history, he revitalized American evangelicalism as a movement, not only through his preaching but through the founding of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association and the launching of the movement’s magazine, Christianity Today.

In addition to serving as a biography of Graham, the film will also use his story as a lens to gain perspective on the evolution of American evangelicalism in the last quarter of the 20th century.