Praise Wall

A Woman Of Faith.

My life was forever changed when I was diagnosed with my first brain tumor. I was devastated and cried uncontrollably. “Why me Lord?” The holy spirit said, “Why not you?” Don’t be discouraged, I’m with you. Since then, I’ve had a peace that is hard to explain and passes all understanding. I went through the surgery. I woke up temporary blind, and my sight returned. The surgery was deemed a success. I had a second chance at life. Years later, the tumor returned with a vengeance. I was a working person before my life was shattered with brain tumors. The tumor disabled me physically and mentally. Two years ago, I lost feeling in my right arm and bladder control. I underwent spine surgery to save my arm. I was cut from my neck to my back. The surgery was successful. Through it all, my goal is to be a testimony for all walks of life. To encourage others to keep hope alive and faith in God. I don’t know my future prognosis but I know the God that I serve. He’s worthy to be praise.