Praise Wall

Addiction, confinement, uncontrollable thoughts.

Unfortunately, I’m not in the West and I never attended church but could you please pray 4 me to quit masturbating?. I’m a masturbation-obsessed and a middle school dropout.

I know, you don’t have enough time to read the story of my life so sorry my story can’t be summed up more than this.

My life turned into a nightmare when I dropped out of middle school in 2010 because I was abused and bullied every day in school for having a feminine voice (sometimes I was staying in class during recess).

After dropping out of middle school I’m ashamed to admit that I wasted my time on the internet, all types of porn, masturbation, and video games because I’m held by my paranoid family. They don’t allow to go out on my own because I have a feminine voice and they think I’m vulnerable to rape and I will shame the family. The punishment for apostasy from Islam is cutting off the head and during Ramadan, my mom was forcing me to fast by depriving me of food and water from dawn to sunset.