Afternoons with Christina

Christina James

About Christina

I was born a Buckeye, but I’m a Texas native at heart – so my roots are right here! I graduated from UTD, spent a little time as an East Coaster, and then found my way back to the Big D. I’m a praise and worship junkie and a bit of a clean freak – but I love to invite people into my space. I like to layer my clothes and my life (though I’m working on the latter). Oh, and one more thing – I randomly quote lines from Home Alone 1 and 2.

What I can’t leave my house without: cocoa butter lip balm and my favorite room spray. I love a place that smells yummy.

What artists make me turn up the radio: Jordan Feliz, Tauren Wells & Francesca Batistelli – she’s been on her game lately!

Pet peeve: Loud talkers… people who are on their phone in public! I need you to take your private conversation elsewhere!

Favorite verse: Psalm 103:14
“For he knows our frame, he remembers that we are dust.”

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