Afternoons with Lauree & Doug

Afternoons with Lauree & Doug Is Just Afternoons With Lauree… For Now

By January 22, 2021 No Comments

I have a big favor to ask of you today and it involves our friend, Doug.

Doug, my co-host here in the Afternoons, found out he tested positive for COVID. So for a little bit, I’m going to flying solo. But here is my request for you:

-Go ahead and download the KCBI App if you haven’t already done so.

-When you open it up, you’ll see 3 little bars in the top left corner that will open a drop down menu. Go ahead and find the option that says “Send a voice message.”

-If you’d like to, leave a message for Doug wishing him a quick recovery or share a scripture that
would be an encouragement to him!


Doug is such an important part of our KCBI family and if you love Doug as much as I do, I know this small gesture will mean so much to him! He would love to hear from you!