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Afternoons with Lauree…is ENGAGED!

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?Deep in the Heart of Texas…
It all started in Dallas, Texas at a Radio Conference in 2016.
Brian was the GM of a station in Houston, Texas. I was a fundraising consultant from Portland, Oregon.
There was immediate intrigue between the two of us, but I quickly dismissed any chance. We were, after-all, at a Christian Conference. Which meant, in my experience, that all attractive, intriguing men were married with 2.5 kids.
I did not learn until 6 months later at the next Radio Conference in Orlando, Florida that Brian was NOT married and had zero kids.
The Disney characters were wandering around the restaurant when Brian invited me to a breakfast to discuss ‘fundraising’ for his station. However, that topic never came into our conversation. Instead we learned that both of us attended Azusa Pacific University in Southern California, Brian was in the singing club and I was on the debate team.
The intrigue was growing between the two of us
The next stop on the Brian and Lauree Intrigue Tour was Nashville, Tennessee…and that is the night where it all started. Brian was ditching out on the radio conference event and meeting friends for dinner. he ran into me in the lobby of the hotel and invited me along. The friends never showed. To this date, I choose to believe that there was never any ‘friends’ and it was Brian’s design to take me to dinner. If you know otherwise, don’t say anything! Let a girl dream!
More trips, more radio conferences, long layovers for lunches…was hard.
Life certainly got easier for us when I took a job at 90.9 KCBI in Dallas, Texas. The first weekend Brian offered to drive the 3.5 hours from Houston to help me unpack and “hang my TV.” However the TV was never hung, if you think it’s because Brian didn’t know how, don’t say anything! Let the boy dream!
This boy and this girl have dreamed for many years; to be married, to start a family, to have a partner in life.
God’s timing is perfect!
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