Praise Wall

Ain’t nothing Jesus can’t fix.

By March 1, 2021 No Comments

Short version of a long story .20 yr old hip injury, horse bad cow. Popped out pre Thanksgiving. Due to other calamities in last 5 yrs, my muscles, tendons, etc wouldn’t let my hip stay in place. Pinched sciatic nerve. Moved into foot, toes. Infection. Never knew pain. I’ve worked 4 days in 3 months. At nights I scream and cry to the point of lunacy. I’m a 57 yr old man. Undescribable. Can’t get boot on. Very mentally taxing. It’s all about God’s healing and my depth of faith I have in that. We will all feel the pain that Jesus felt. He’s showing me that. How sold out are we to the Savior? Endure this torture and believe, or cave in and fix it by the worlds standard’s? 3 days back, I hear, your toes are healed. I received it with joy and spent several hrs telling God that, Replacing the screams that nite. A 30 yr old wall must come down He said. I never thought I could. Never ditched anything so fast, without hesitation. 1st obedient act in 20 years. Got my boot on. That’s myJesus.