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ALS – LIving With IT – Kathryn Manginelli

My Sister In Law Kathryn Manginelli (Age 59 ) was diagnosed with ALS on April 29, 2016, The average life expectancy is 2 to 5 years.

As a KCBI listener for more than 2 years I was moved to share this story with listeners. Please send her words of encouragement and HOPE. I know you must receive thousands of heart felt stories, GOD moved me to share this with the KCBI Family.

Kathryn is a lady of FAITH,

Here is a link to her blog, ABC 11 News article April 20,2017.

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Please pray for my middle Brother Joseph who retired this week to be the care giver.

Praise GOD !
FAITH, HOPE & LOVE ( is the greatest.