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An Astronaut’s Tips For Dealing With Isolation

With the latest update on Dallas County’s law on social distancing going into effect at midnight tonight, even more people will continue to face the harsh reality of social distancing and isolation as the world looks to deal with the coronavirus.

Scott Kelly, who is a retired NASA Astronaut has been on the International Space Station so he definitely knows what it’s like to be isolated and so he decided to share tips recently with the New York Times on ways to deal with isolation as we all practice self-quarantining for the time being.

  1. Follow A Schedule
  2. Pace Yourself With Work
  3. Make Sure To Leave Room For Fun Activities
  4. Go Outside If You Can (But Leave 6 Feet Between You & Others)
  5. Make Little Occasions Special

If you’d like to read the full article from the New York Times, you can click here!