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July 15, 2016

Thank You Jesus, thank you for not judging and sentenced me to lifelong misery! I am well and also very much alive but I hurt everyday that I wake up! I can not remove my anger from my heart at all I hear You, but my anger blocks the will to make this change. I know, I must stop the hateful feeling by forgiveing, but I feel weak on doing so, I want to do harm just to satisfy my pain. Justify my wrong doing and label it “Job Well Done”. It sounds obsurd and straight stupid!
Well, this is where I’ve placed my “ANGER”. I want peace I want to love grow in happiness and make life an adventure. I’m not a violent man at all! I have a great FAMILY I was raised to love and share, obey your elders, help those in need, give if you have enough to share respect everyone. Especially the Law. But my XXX- girlfriend Mother of My Little Girl has taken my life and turned it into a LIVING HELL! I Pray daily and I’m ANGRY that I just don’t see myself like the man GOD made me to be. I’m lost in ANGER