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Answer to prayer of 9/1

September 2, 2016

he deposition went well on the scale of 7/10, as my son put it; it could have gone better, he said. His lawyer was able to catch her in 11X lies!!!
The deposition had the permission to question her for 6hrs; they did 4hrs, but on Monday they will go back to the judge to permit the 2hrs remaining.
At the beginning, my son said, that she was argumentative, almost combative, (prepotent, perhaps, for her being an MD “I dare you to question me, so to speak), and that this deposition was bad for her credibility. She was surprised @ the amount of evidence against her; even for those she denied, or events she “could’t remember.” Praise the Lord! There is not one like our God, not one like our Rock. He humbles & He exalts. “Who is like Him among the gods? Who is like Him? “Majestic in holiness, glorious & awesome in power & might, working wonders.”