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Answered prayer before I had a chance to make prayer request!

June 28, 2015

My air conditioning went out. Sometimes it freezes up but if you turn it off for a few hours it is OK. The a/c has had a lot of problems over the years. I live in an old complex. I should move I know but it is home. I was very scared because I can’t handle heat well. What am I doing in Texas right. The maintenance number was out of order for some reason. I was going to put in a prayer request about it and a lot of other things. I am in desperate need of God being near me so I can repent. My faith has been very weak lately. All of a sudden the manager was in the office, though it is closed. She called the maintenance man and he showed up. It was not major, he got it fixed quickly. Now it is cooler air than before. I am very thankful. In a way it was like the prodigal son, you know the father rushed out to get him before he came into town. That is what happened. I need repentance and God showed his mercy to me with cool air, that is mercy to me you have no idea.