Praise Wall


By December 14, 2018 No Comments

My story is more of an expression of gratitude and appreciation for this Ministry. I leave my radio tuned into KCBI, so when the radio is on, KCBI is on. I ADORE Mornings with Jeff and Rebecca!! Y’all are the PERFECT BLEND of goofy, real, encouraging and inspiring! It NEVER FAILS that when I am having a “down” day (like Jeff, I wrestle with depression-but HAVE VICTORY over it because of JESUS!!! Woot! Woot!) Jeff and/or Rebecca always have just the right words or stories at the right time, or the verse of the day is exactly what I need to be reminded of. Most recently, one of them (I think it was Jeff) spoke these words directly to my heart: God doesn’t love the future version of you any more than He loves the current version of you. I DESPERATELY needed that encouragement! Thank you both for being so real, so raw, and so much fun! I love you dearly and can’t wait to party in heaven with you for eternity!!!