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Are Men Or Women The Better Drivers? AAA Has The Answer

By December 8, 2020 No Comments

It’s an age-old question: Who are the better drivers, men or women?

Today we settle the score once and for all, thanks to a recent survey done by AAA. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety said data shows men tend to speed, tailgate, and make rude gestures at other drivers. Meanwhile, women are more likely to run red lights. The survey found 79% of Americans drive aggressively- regardless of gender. Speeding is the most common behavior, followed by tailgating, making rude gestures or honking at other drivers, and running red lights.

“Speeding, red-light running, and cutting other drivers off can kill you, your passengers, and others sharing the road,” said Jake Nelson, AAA’s Director of Traffic Safety Advocacy. “Driving aggressively isn’t worth the risk. When you get behind the wheel, be patient, be kind, and obey traffic laws so everyone gets home safely.”

So whether you’re a man or a woman, drive kindly!