Praise Wall

Are of Self Discipline

To me “LIFE WAS GOOD”. I had it all worked out like a smooth running machine. Then out of the blue my eyes started burning. It felt like scales getting ripped off my eyes. It took me about 10 minutes (Approx.) for my eyes to be able to focus again. The “First” Thing I saw was my Wife. Her UTMOST BEAUTY basically blinded me again. I thought I was dreaming. All I saw was a Goddess from the Heavens.
Then I looked at my 3 boys….and I totally broke down and cried and cried. I didn’t even recognize them…Superman, Spider man and Whinny the Pooh pounced all around the house and to me it was just noise, noise and more noise, but then my eyes were burning again and scales felt like they were ripped off my eyes. It “HIT” me again and it all changed. I saw three awesome looking but stinky body order Young Men STARVING, BEGGING, YEARNING looking for their Father. Not “ME” the one on the couch on his phone, Not the one cutting the grass or sweeping the floor but the Father that would teach th