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Are of Self Discipline

The Art of Self Discipline
My life in general is and was full of mistakes, full of grudges and full of DISOBEDIENCE…it all came down to ONE thing, being blinded by Satan and not knowing the true facts of what Jesus Christ has done. But what Will “KEEP” doing. Just like how he used Nehemiah to build the wall around the City. God puts people in your life for HIS reasons.
I just go home last night from baseball practice and this teaching by John McCarthy “Grace to you” was on KCBI 90.9 Radio Station in the Dallas Fort Worth. John McCarthy was the pastor and his voice caught my ear, stopped me in dead my tracks. His teaching literally hit me square in in the face. This teaching was SO powerful it blew my mind. I sat in my closet replaying over and over again for hours of how can I accomplish this task, to take the lead in this sermon and “BE” the change that my family needs.